Could your child benefit from meeting with a psychotherapist in London?

As children across the UK make their daily commute to school, there will be thoughts, feelings, concerns and worries encircling their minds from the time they enter the classroom to when they walk home and perhaps even as they go to sleep.

These emotions are part and parcel of daily life as a child grows up, but they affect each and every individual very differently. Often these feelings are short lived but sometimes they can become prolonged or intense and could a be a cause for concern for parents.

At The Summit Clinic we are here to help and support you and your child if they are showing any signs which may underlie a mental health condition. We provide psychology and psychotherapy for children in London to address a number of issues ranging from mood disturbance (anxiety, panic, depression and self-harm).

Booking an appointment with our qualified and experienced clinicians will help guide your child towards finding the right the solutions to their problems. To go ahead and book an initial meeting, call us today on 0207 993 6115 where we’ll be happy to discuss the treatment options with you.