Why see a therapist?

Many difficult behaviours, although undesirable can be a completely normal part of child development. Some children may face particular challenges growing up and show behaviours that are more resistant to change or an indication of more serious problems.  Seeking help in dealing with these problems can provide a structured and effective means of coping with difficulties as they arise. In many cases it can also prevent these problems developing into something more serious later in life.

How does it work?

At The Summit Clinic you will meet with an experienced practitioner in a safe and confidential setting. At the first meeting we will work with you to determine whether therapy is the right choice for you and your child. This can include one of the following…

We can work individually with you as an adult
We can work individually with your child
Or together with you, your child and other important people in their life

Who might benefit from therapy?

You may be wondering whether seeing a therapist at The Summit Clinic is right for your child. The list below shows some of the kinds of difficulties with which we can help:

  • Sleeping, feeding and toileting problems in pre-school children
  • Sadness and Anger
  • Screen, Gaming and Online behaviour
  • Cyber-bullying
  • Social media addictions
  • Problems managing emotions
  • Family relationship difficulties
  • Difficulties coping with a life event
  • Bereavement or parental separation
  • Social withdrawal and dissociation
  • Anxiety and excessive worry
  • Aggression and abusive behaviour
  • Frequent defiance and disobedience
  • Difficulties around eating and body image
  • Problems forming peer relationships and bullying
  • Behavioural problems at school
  • Problems transitioning to a new school