Are you considering therapy for your child in London? Have you been extremely worried about their recent behaviour?

Many parents often find it difficult to decide whether therapy is right for their child. There are many common problems which lead parents to take this step, including the child having behavioural problems at school, difficulties in family relationships, and problems coping with a life event, such as a death in the family.

If a child is having problems managing their emotions, is often sad or angry, or is frequently having tantrums, they could also benefit from therapy. Children facing all sorts of challenges can become much happier after learning constructive ways to deal with their problems.

The Summit Clinic offer both child and family therapy at our clinic in London and help children and adolescents to deal with a wide range of problems.

We understand that just as every child is different, every approach to therapy is different. Whether you child has been extremely withdrawn, been having problems with bullying or presenting aggressive behaviour, our expert therapists can help resolve the issues both you and your child are having.

Our therapy includes sessions for children who have suffered a bereavement or parental separation.

If you’re based in London and want to know more about our child therapy, simply get in touch today.

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