Consider our couples therapy in North London

Maintaining a healthy and happy relationship with your other half may seem easily done at the beginning of the relationship, but after a while it can dwindle, and communication can break down. Rather than wait for things to get worse, investing in couples counselling can teach you both new ways to communicate and inject a little life back into your relationship.

Whilst it may seem daunting for one, or both of you, having a third party look at your relationship can sometimes bring a breath of fresh air. Couples counselling isn’t about taking sides or getting your own way, it’s about learning how to ask for what you want, receive constructive criticism, compromising and communicating in a healthy way.

Here at The Summit Clinic we are here to help your relationship strengthen and offer a safe platform in which we can discuss a range of issues. Whether you’re struggling to talk openly about feelings, have experienced infidelity or are finding it hard living together and you don’t know where to start- we are here for you.

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