Are you experiencing COVID-19 anxiety?

Well, you are certainly not alone. One of the most common causes of anxiety can be because we feel out of control, and at the moment, most of us are feeling the effects of COVID-19. There is little that we can control due to the current situation, and as a result, it’s normal to feel anxious, fearful, and scared.

You may feel anxious about the fate of the world. Maybe you’re anxious about the health of your loved ones. Or perhaps you’ve been furloughed and are worried about your job? No matter what you’re feeling or thinking, it’s important to know that you aren’t alone in your fears and there is help available.

Here at The Summit Clinic we want to help you get through this challenging time. Whilst we may not be able to have face to face meetings, we are offering Skype therapy sessions which will give you the space needed to talk through your fears.

We can arrange a suitable time for you to explore your feelings about the current situation with a qualified therapist. There’s no time like the present to begin working on your mental health, and we are here for you.