The number of problems facing every child in the UK mean that some are left vulnerable to mental health issues. There are risk factors that make a child or young person more likely to experience problems. These can include death of someone they love, having parents separate, having been bullied or abused, long standing educational difficulties etc.

Our children continue to be part of the generation that has grown up with technology from a young age and while this may not have instigated more young people to be bullied or to become addicted to social media, it can certainly be attributed to a change in the lives our children.

At The Summit Clinic we’ve become a leading service for parents who want to get their child the right support for whatever problem they’re facing as well as adolescents who are seeking advice. Our experienced and understanding experts will give your child the chance to talk about the problems and challenges they face.

Therapy for children in London from our experienced therapists at the summit Clinic will give your child the chance to talk about the problems and challenges they are facing and help you, as a parent, to support them more effectively.

Confidential Child and Adolescent therapy from our London clinic

By choosing The Summit Clinic you will be offered an opportunity for us to work with your child alone, provide therapy for the whole family or even just to help you as parents to better understand your child’s emotional needs.

Therapy for children isn’t something for you to be frightened of. It’s a simple process that allows freedom and confidential discussions to take place with a friendly and helpful therapist. Opening up about the problems your child, yourself or your relationship together has spawned can be the platform for a positive future.

If you’d like to discover why our therapy for children in London can be important for your family, get in contact with our helpful team at The Summit Clinic