We often do not realise the problems that we face on a daily basis. Stress from work, anxiety about a certain situation repeating itself, a dark cloud that can’t be lifted, anger problems which are impacting on our relationships. When daily life struggles become a mental health issue, The Summit Clinic has a range of therapies to assist.

Our clinical psychologist in London can help in a variety of ways:

  1. Confidential sessions: You will be put at ease by our clinical psychologist in London from the first session. Safe and confidential therapy sessions become the basis of your understanding and recovery.
  2. Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT): Most known for it’s application to anxiety and depression, CBT has become a leading talking therapy which aims to help you cope with difficult and challenging situations in a logical and calm manner.
  3. A personalised psychotherapy plan: By the end of a few sessions with our clinical psychologist in London, you will have a plan to follow in the future as you head towards positive mental health and happiness.

Get in contact with us to discover more about our professional help at The Summit Clinic.