The word psychotherapy may sound scary, but in truth it can be a positive and encouraging treatment which develops psychological health and creates new opportunities and choices. At The Summit Clinic we believe that everyone should be able to gain access to affordable psychotherapy in London when they need it. We’re on hand to help you make the first step and can offer treatment sessions with accredited and experienced psychologists and psychotherapists.

Based in Highgate, London, we’ve become a leading clinic for psychology and psychotherapy in the capital. Our team are able to offer therapy for individuals, families, children, adolescents and couples. Whether difficulties are longstanding or more recent in nature, we will ensure that you see a therapist who is able to help and provide the treatment you need.

Affordable psychotherapy in London that helps to foster good mental health

Over the past few years much more has been written about mental health. A huge number of people across the UK are affected by mental health issues and there is a need for more affordable professional help to become available. Our accredited and registered psychologists and psychotherapists at The Summit Clinic are available to assist with a wide range of problems and can offer an appointment without delay.

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